Serving me is not an easy task. I demand pleasure, and my needs are the only needs that matter. I will not cater to you, you will cater to me. All slaves must be open minded, I love to push slaves to their limits until they squeal like the little piggie that they are.

There are many ways that I get pleasure, and this is just a small list of ways you can be of service to me.
pay pigs, blackmail, humiliation, worshiping, tease and denial, mind control, sissy training, sugar daddy, cuckold

The rules are short and sweet and are the following;

  • You will call me Miss Paris, or Princess Paris. 
  • You must use manners at all times - say 'Please', 'Thank You', 'May I', ect…
  •  I am put first and foremost. My happiness is your priority. Remember that.
  • What I say goes, you are here to please and worship me so never disobey me.
  • Last but not least, YOU belong to ME. Therefore, everything that is yours is now MINE. 

Once you agree to my rules, you must prove yourself to me. Fill out the following application and email it to me. Applications that are incomplete will be ignored. 

Turn on's:
Turn off's:
Have you served before?:
How do you plan on serving me?:
How do you plan on tributing me?
Why do you want to serve me?: